How to Enter

Download the official Competition Rules here for full details on Eligibility, Milestone Phases, Prize Timelines, and Requirements for the Competition

Competition rules

(Archived Competition Rules: January 2020)

(Archived Competition Rules: April 2018)

(Archived Competition Rules: November 2016)

Register to become a Solver

If you’re a member of an organization with experience and expertise in researching, developing, registering, manufacturing and commercializing animal health products, your organization may enter. If your organization is lacking in any of these areas of expertise, you can partner with a third party organization(s) which have the required expertise. Click ‘Register Here’ to the right of this page to learn more and begin the application process. 

We support collaboration between animal health innovators in achieving the aims of the Competition and encourage organisations to use the Partnering Page to identify potential partners.

Judging Process

All competition entries will be reviewed at each milestone by the Judging Panel.  The Judging Panel will consist of five experts with experience in the field of animal health, biological research and vaccine development, including regulatory affairs and vaccine commercialization.  The Judging Panel will evaluate applications using detailed criteria, as set out in the appendices attached to the Competition Rules.   

Helpful Resources

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OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals Visit Website

VICH Guidelines Visit Website