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New partner portal set to connect Solvers across the globe

partner portal

Are you a potential Solver seeking help with vaccine registration, manufacture, R&D or commercialization? Or do you work for an organization that is able to offer expertise, facilities or capabilities in one or more of these areas?

Then head to our new partner portal and make contact with other Solvers today!

Launched this summer, the open-access portal has been designed to facilitate collaboration between organizations, making it easy for those seeking or offering expertise to connect with each other. Solvers can use the portal to advertise their skills and capabilities, or to search for organizations offering the requisite services or facilities.

Application to the Competition is open to organizations with demonstrable experience and expertise in all of the following: researching, developing, registering, manufacturing and commercializing animal health vaccines. As some Solvers may not have expertise in all of these areas, we hope the partner portal will be of use in building relationships.

If you are interested in working with other organizations or if your organization is only able to satisfy all of the competition criteria by partnering with a third party which has the required experience and expertise, this is permitted subject to compliance with the rest of the terms and conditions set out in the Competition Rules.

We hope that the portal proves useful for you: if you need any further information, please do get in touch via email at [email protected]

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