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Are you one of our potential Solvers? If so, read on for the latest competition updates…

- 10 Milestone 1 Payments of US $100,000 are still to be won! These will be awarded to the best applications on a quarterly basis (ending in November 2017), so please submit your application as early as possible to increase your chances.

- We have recently improved the website in order to streamline the process – so visit and complete your application today.

Answering Solvers’ questions

Q: I work for an academic or a research institute. Do I need a commercial partner in place, to participate in Phase 1 of the Competition?

A: No; academic or purely research organizations are welcome to submit applications for Phase 1 of the Competition without a partner in place. However, in order to be eligible to participate in Phase 2 and 3, such organizations will need to provide evidence of support and commitment from a partner organization with the requisite experience and expertise (eg commercialization, manufacturing). A signed letter of commitment or similar legally binding document is acceptable to provide such evidence; if available this can be uploaded as part of your Phase 1 application, visit for more information.

Q: Can I submit supplemental materials to support my application?

A: Yes. Your application should include as much detail as possible, and you are welcome to upload additional documents to the system at the end of the submission process, in order to support your application.

Q: What are the deadlines for submitting my application?


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