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Qingmin Wu

[email protected]

China Agricultural University

Organisation background

As the oldest agricultural higher education institution in China that can be dated back to October 1905, China Agricultural University (CAU) was formed in 1995 by merging Beijing Agricultural University (BAU) and Beijing Agricultural Engineering University (BAEU), which persistently follow its motto – Tackle problems the people face, Cultivate talents the world needs – for speeding up its pace towards construction of the top world agricultural university.

Why we entered the Competition

Exploring the methods for combating animal brucellosis began in 1950 in BAU, which conformed to the CAU’s mission and motto. In the recent decades, we focused on the research and development of a novel animal brucellosis vaccine by genetical modification of the Brucella strains, fortunately developed a novel vaccine candidate, which could be subcutaneously administered to any ages of the targeted ruminants without consideration of pregnancy status, prevent Brucella transmission within herd, and facilitate the development of DIVA method. 

Our technical approach

For the development of a novel brucellosis vaccine, our team selected a epidemic B. melitensis BA07 as the parent strain from the different virulent Brucella strains by gene deletion and animal experiments. Then the virulence- and pathogenic-associated genes were deleted from the parent stain to generate the mutant BA0711 strain. After completing the safety evaluation of the genetical modification organism for BA0711 strain, we optimized the Quality Standards of manufacture & test, transited the manufacturing and testing techniques from laboratory to production under GMP conditions, verified the safety and potency of pre-licensing serials in the ruminants. After that, the immunity duration in the vaccinated ruminants and the safety of the monkey inoculated by BA0711 were evaluated in China. Right now, the techniques for detection of the infected animals from the vaccinated animals (DIVA) have been optimized for BA0711 vaccinated animals. 


Additional information

The vaccine candidate BA0711 strain with multiple deletion of virulence-associated genes from an epidemic B. melitensis biovars.3. has safety and efficacy data with DIVA and some primate safety data.