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Organisation background

BRUCELLA GREEN VAC S.L. (GreenVac) was created in October 2014 to bring into the market the scientific results carried out by the CSIC (The Spanish National Research Council), the largest public research institution in Spain and the third largest in Europe. This research was implemented by a cutting-edge scientific team specialised in Brucellosis at the Animal Health group in IdAB-CSIC.

Why we entered the Competition

The competition represents an unprecedented opportunity for small EBTs and researchers such as GreenVac to get our achievements closer to the market. This project has become the most important one in our portfolio, whilst our portfolio as a whole benefits from our work on this project.

The project team

Brucella Greenvac is working in partnership with the Animal Health group at the Institute of Agrobiotechnology (IdAB), sponsored by The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Government of Navarra. The group is led by PhD. María Jesús Grilló.

Danny Goovaerts, DVM, is our Business Development and Regulatory Affairs advisor. He has more than 23 years of experience in vaccine research and development.

Our technical approach

Our candidate vaccine is a highly attenuated strain, free from induced antibiotic resistance and susceptible to antibiotics of therapeutic interest, innocuous to sheep (including pregnant ewes) and highly immunogenic.

Additional information

We are looking to collaborate with an organisation(s) with experience in the manufacturing and / or commercialisation of brucella vaccines, in particular Rev, to work with us on the further development, registration and commercialisation of our BGV1 vaccine.