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Ding Jiabo

[email protected]

China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control

Organisation background

China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control (IVDC) Center, together with the Center for Veterinary Drug Evaluation (CVDE), was established in 1952 as a non-profit public institution affiliating to the  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOARA).  IVDC /CVDE is a national institute responsible for evaluation, supervision and inspection of veterinary drugs and its applications, monitoring of veterinary drug residues, collection of veterinary pathogenic agents, drafting and revising national standards of veterinary drugs as well as preparation and standardization of the national reference materials of veterinary drugs.

The Laboratory of Brucellosis was established in 1953 and was authorized in 2018 as the National Reference Laboratory for Animal Brucellosis and also incorporates the Zoonosis Research Innovation team.

The laboratory is well-equipped with more than 300 advanced facilities.  There are BSL-2 laboratories and animal BLS-3 (ABSL-3) laboratories  at IVDC, both of which have been approved and certificated by CNAS for BSL-3 experimental activities.

On the basis of establishment and optimization of diagnostic methods, our team members are committed to developing prevention system and model for important zoonoses in China, especially Brucellosis. The responsibility of control of zoonosis encourages us to forge ahead and achieve the goal of “One world, one health”.

Why we entered the Competition

We have developed a rough-type live vaccine RA343 vaccine whichwe are eager to introduce vaccine to other countries.  With this goal in mind, we decided to get involved in the competition.

With the mission of “Trying to be Scientific, Fair, Honest and Efficient”, IVDC will continuously take efforts to promote the comprehensive and balanced development of the veterinary drugs industry, improve the level of quality monitoring and inspection of veterinary drugs, enforce the sustainable development of animal breeding , as well as assure the safety of animal-originated food. Our organization would like to cooperate and work together with the national and international institutions to create a bright future of the veterinary drug industry.

The project team

Currently, there are a total of 15 staffs working in the laboratory including 9 post-docs, 3 with masters degree and 3 with bachelor degree. In addition, there are 9 Ph.D students and graduate students. Our research interests included genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, differential diagnostic technologies targeting molecular markers, infection and immunity of brucellosis, and we have obtained outstanding achievements.

Our technical approach

The rough-type live vaccine RA343 developed by us has been proved to be safe and effective in both non-pregnant animals and pregnant animals, such as cattle, goats, sheep and cynomolgus monkeys. The RA343 vaccine does not affect the differentiation between vaccine immunized animals and natural infection animals.

Additional information

We are interested to collaborate on the registration and commercialisation of our vaccine outside China

For further information please contact Professor Ding Jiabo

China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control

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